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The world is changing, technology is changing. And along with technology, also design has a big opportunity to change, to develop. As the design is the key element of an exhibition stand it is inevitable for the exhibition industry to develop.

There are more and more interesting trends in this sector that you must know.
When it comes to materials used in stand construction, the aluminum panels are the newest trend. They are increasingly used because of their easy way of assembling. Another advantage is that their components can be re-used, so you can have the same stand for more fairs.

Also, the ecodesign is a new challenge in this sector. With an innovative design, materials of wood or other recyclable materials take the place of the old materials.
When it comes to design, there are many innovations that become more accessible in this sector. 3D or HD technologies are one of the most used trends in the last years. Also, nowadays the fabric graphics represent the most suitable solution for creating graphic displays.

LED displays, halogen lights, spotlights, and even the special effects have become an essential key in exhibition design.
Besides all these new trends, the custom booths are still working. Why? Because the personalized materials raise the visitors’ interest and help you communicate who you are in just a few seconds.

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